Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy support when you need it most.

With Individual Therapy you can explore those issues that impinge upon your quality of life, to develop new and creative solutions, learn new ways to approach and manage actions and feelings, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Helping you find a new sense of who you are, and a new inner strength and resourcefulness .

I have experience of working with people who are faced with a wide range of problems and situations. Below are some of the issues that people bring to Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Thoughts, Feelings & Actions

  • Anxiety, stress, worry, tension.
  • Feeling of hurt, hopelessness and depression.
  • Unable to cope and feeling overwhelmed by life.
  • Negative self talk and recurring thoughts.
  • Feeling alone isolated, needy and disconnected.
  • Substance abuse, escapism, or self-medicating.
  • Health problems, insomnia, or low motivation.
  • Difficult decisions or internal conflicts.

Personal Development

  • Moving on from past trauma or abuse.
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence, or self-worth issues.
  • Going through a major loss or life change.
  • Not knowing who you are or what you want.
  • Desire to find meaning or purpose in your life.
  • Problems with career satisfaction or achievement.

Yourself in Relationships

  • Guilt, obligation, and boundary setting issues.
  • Anger, aggression, or defensiveness.
  • Feeling criticized, blamed, used, or manipulated.
  • Trust, control, or intimacy issues.
  • Difficulty letting go or moving on.
  • Pattern of choosing unhealthy partners.
  • Balancing self and other commitments.

Relationship Issues

  • Family, romantic or social problems.
  • Separation, divorce, or a breakup.
  • Balancing being together or separate.
  • Problems with conflict, arguing frequency or style.
  • Partner / family health issue or substance abuse.
  • Problems with communication or incompatibility.
  • Financial problems or parenting differences.
  • Loss of interest or becoming bored with your relationship.
  • Sexual chemistry / interest problems.

If you are ready to explore the issues that are of concern to you, then I invite you to contact me today and we can get started.