Initial Meeting


Before any counselling and psychotherapy can taking place, an initial meeting is needed; this can usually be made with just a few days’ notice and would take place at my practice in Wimbledon. This meeting lasts for up to 90 minutes. It is relaxed opportunity for both you and I to explore your experiences to date in broad terms and for you to present the issues or dilemmas, that you are seeking to change.

It will also allow you to get an understanding and feeling of what counselling and psychotherapy entails and how it can be of use to you. In addition, it will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions and raise any points of concerns that you may have, enabling you to make an informed decision about entering into a counselling relationship.

Attending an initial meeting does not obligate you to continue with counselling and psychotherapy.

The end of the initial meeting, is also an opportunity for us to explore the suitability of working together in either a ‘long-term’ or ‘short-term’ method, and to decide what your goals for counselling are, or the areas you would want to work on in counselling.

We would also look at
 other avenues for support, including agencies or other specialist services, which could run concurrently or separately to counselling. This first meeting also allows, for both you and I to the see if we feel comfortable enough to work together. During this meeting, I will also try to establish if whether or not your needs can be matched by my approach to counselling and psychotherapy.

This initial session is also designed for you to make an assessment of me as a counsellor, and for you to decide if you are able to work with me. We would then initially work together and then review our progress together and by mutual agreement adapt our approach to counselling and psychotherapy.